Friday, May 23

Afterglow - 1968 - Afterglow

Afterglow: "Afterglow"
MTA, 1968

Afterglow: "Dream Away"


This is a good album for a dream-state or a vacation from yourself. It took repeated listens for me to fully absorb the depth of this record, and I'm so glad I didn't just toss it away. Such a shame that this band never got past their first outing. This album may possess the power to make you smile ... unless you're completely frigid.

Saturday, May 17

Paavoharju - 2008 -Laulu Laakson Kukista

Paavoharju: "Laulu Laakson Kukista"
Fonal, 2008

Track: "Kirkonväki"

another track... "Pimeänkarkelo"


Beauty is something most people take for granted. It's obvious that some can't comprehend certain things of this nature, which is disappointing to say the least. Light destruction of perfection is something to think about. The operatic vocals of this album will crawl underneath your skin and make you realize how passionate something can feel.