Saturday, June 30

State of the Union Address

Here are some download statistics (as of the date and time of this post). I hope to one day reach a readership that will garner upwards of 250DLs per day (at the very least).

# Fifty Foot Hose - 1968 - Cauldron: 34 Downloads
# Complex - 1970 - Complex: 46 Downloads
# Ramases - 1971 - Space Hymns: 92 Downloads
# These Trails - 1973 - These Trails: 54 Downloads
# Bill Fay - 1971 - Time of The Last Persecution: 62 Downloads

Unfortunately, I am not able to access the statistics for the 3 albums prior to this, but I would wager that they are 100+ by now.

I will soon be broadening the format. If you have any genre/style suggestions of things you'd like to see posted, please comment with them. Take a look at the earlier posts from 2006 to get an idea of what kind of music I'll be broadening to. I will eventually start representing a wide array of pre-1980s styles.

I am really enjoying doing this again, and the only thing I ask of you is to comment more. I would really love to hear your thoughts on these albums and this blog.

Friday, June 29

Fifty Foot Hose - 1968 - Cauldron

Fifty Foot Hose: "Cauldron"
Limelight, 1968


This album is one of a kind. It is a very experimental record which utilized the growing technology of synthesizers. There are very few dull moments on this album, as it seems one sound is always building up to another sound. Acidic guitar riffs begin the track "Red The Sign Post" and it builds into a psychedelic extravaganza. The song "Rose" seems like a documentation of jazz musicians playing in outer space. This is possibly the greatest record to completely lose your mind to. ***The last five tracks of this album are bonuses that were added onto the CD re-release.

Thursday, June 28

Complex - 1970 - Complex

Complex: "Complex"
Wooden Hill, 1970
(Psych Rock)

Sample Song: "Images Blue"


This is a private pressing that was originally released in 1970 and was re-released on CD in 1999. The overall sound quality is murky, but not bad enough to render the music obsolete. You should keep in mind that this was an independent recording and the budget was low. I can only imagine how amazing some of these songs would sound, had they been recorded, produced, and mastered correctly. This is a very warm album that is more rock than psych. Overall, this album is a great piece of psych history. My favorite songs are: Mademoiselle Jackie, Images Blue, and Norwegian Butterfly. There is also a pretty nice cover of the song "Hush" by Deep Purple.

Friday, June 22

Ramases - 1971 - Space Hymns

Ramases: "Space Hymns"
Vertigo, 1971 (Psych Folk)

DOWNLOAD (100.97 MB)

This is one of those times when I get to call bullshit on They begin their bio of Ramases, "His one and only album for the label," although there is another album that was released on the Vertigo label in 1975.

This is a concept album, bringing the P.O.V. directly from the Egyptian deity. This brings to you a very spacey, dark, and at sometimes abrasive folk rock album. 10cc were his backing band, which fills out this record quite nicely.

Wednesday, June 20

These Trails - 1973 - These Trails

These Trails: "These Trails"
Sinergia, 1973
(Psych Folk)


This is the lone LP from 1973 by a Hawaiian group that was privately pressed at the time and largely unknown until a few years back. Mixing frail female vocals, a variety of string instruments, and synthesizer this has a soft, delicate sound that was beautifully recorded. Clarity rings throughout these earthy, organic, spacey, and nearly gothic songs, and this record will most likely leave you wishing there were more albums like this.

Sunday, June 17

Bill Fay - 1971 - Time of The Last Persecution

Bill Fay: "Time of The Last Persecution"
Deram, 1971


Bill Fay was a victim of poor distribution and promotion. An understandable Bob Dylan, and much more likable, is what I can best describe his music as. A great album here, overlooked for years, finally re-released in 2005.

Saturday, June 16

Music Emporium - 1969 - Music Emporium

Music Emporium - Music Emporium
Music Emporium: "Music Emporium"
Psycho, 1969 (re-released: Sundazed, 2001) (Psych rock)

Sample Song: "Nam Myo Renge Kyo"


Music Emporium's self-titled album is highly valued by many psychedelic collectors. A very cosmic endeavor, this LP features one of the very few female rock drummers of the time. A great number of synthesizers make up the music on this album, which is a great departure from the normal run of the mill 60s guitar psych bands. This is a very powerful and upbeat album, and definitely a lost gem.

Thursday, June 14

July - 1968 - July

July: "July"
Epic, 1968 (Psych rock)

Sample Song: "My Clown"


"July has come to be highly prized, mainly for the presence of 'My Clown,' which is considered to be one of the great psychedelic singles of all time." That is saying a lot, but I'll be damned if it isn't true. Happy-go-lucky psych rock that is just a little more than original. July is one of those 60s psych bands who only stayed around for one album, but made it a fantastic one. This album flows so well, and is great for a day in the park, or a day sprawled out on your living room floor after ingesting a good amount of psychedelic drugs. Enjoy.

edit: re-uploaded to DIVSHARE!

Kaleidoscope - 1967 - Tangerine Dream

Kaleidoscope - Tangerine Dream
Kaleidoscope: "Tangerine Dream"
Fontana, 1967 (Psych-pop)

Sample Song: "Kaleidoscope"


Although there are a few other bands that possessed this name at one point, this is the UK gathering of the band. To keep this short, this album is one of my all time favorites. That is how much it means to me. My iPod reports 900+ plays to this album alone. Fairy-tale lyrics and dreamy chords surround the listener in a warm position that will be kept throughout the album. Each song takes you on a spacey journey throughout time and the earth, while keeping you at attention in your seat. These folky pop ballads have aged so well. Peter Daltrey, the leader of the band, is still active to this day, and keeps up a myspace page. After Kaleidoscope dissolved due to label issues, the band renamed themselves Fairfield Parlour, and recorded an album, which stayed along the original concept.

Tuesday, June 12


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As of this moment, this blog is active again, and will be updated regularly. :)