Friday, May 23

Afterglow - 1968 - Afterglow

Afterglow: "Afterglow"
MTA, 1968

Afterglow: "Dream Away"


This is a good album for a dream-state or a vacation from yourself. It took repeated listens for me to fully absorb the depth of this record, and I'm so glad I didn't just toss it away. Such a shame that this band never got past their first outing. This album may possess the power to make you smile ... unless you're completely frigid.

Saturday, May 17

Paavoharju - 2008 -Laulu Laakson Kukista

Paavoharju: "Laulu Laakson Kukista"
Fonal, 2008

Track: "Kirkonväki"

another track... "Pimeänkarkelo"


Beauty is something most people take for granted. It's obvious that some can't comprehend certain things of this nature, which is disappointing to say the least. Light destruction of perfection is something to think about. The operatic vocals of this album will crawl underneath your skin and make you realize how passionate something can feel.

Saturday, September 29


More Re-uploads to follow. I am going to start getting everything back up, and I will post telling what albums have been re-uploaded. KEEP CHECKING THIS LIST TO SEE WHAT HAS BEEN UPLOADED.

As soon as everything is back up I have a lot of new albums to post! Hoping to get it all back up by the end of this weekend! Thanks for all of your support!

Wednesday, September 26


Linda Perhacs has been re uploaded.

More Re-uploads to follow. I am going to start getting everything back up, and I will post telling what albums have been re-uploaded!

Thursday, September 6

Podcast #2

Everything will be re-uploaded. Things were taken down due to a piece of shit person who felt the need to get all of my files removed from divshare.

here is the podcast. Conventional Sound, Episode #2

No talking, but very good songs and sound clips. Details will be posted later, as well as track listing. Thanks for reading, and bear with me through my anti-label fight.

Wednesday, August 22

John Fahey - 1965 - The Dance of Death and Other Plantation Favorites

John Fahey: "The Dance of Death and Other Plantation Favorites"
Takoma, 1965
(American Primitive Guitar)

Track: "Worried Blues"


I knew that sooner or later I'd post something by John Fahey, although I wasn't sure what it would be. I've decided to start near the beginning. Over the next few weeks I will most likely post more from his catalog, so if you have any requests leave a comment. I'm not going to waste your time or mine by reviewing this because I believe the sample track will speak for itself. If you like it at all, you'll like John Fahey's music. It's as simple as that.

John Fahey's First Recordings:

Track: "Blind Blues"

DOWNLOAD 4 SONGS (11.18 MB) .zip

These are four songs recorded under the name Blind Thomas for Joe Bussard's Fonotone Record label in 1964 (I believe that year is correct).

Monday, August 13

The Third Rail - 1967 - Id Music

The Third Rail: "Id Music"
Epic, 1967
(Psych Pop/Bubblegum)

Track: "Run Run Run"


The single "Run, Run, Run" hit #53, but that is the highest The Third Rail would ever climb on the charts. This is an album I nearly overlooked due to it's overwhelmingly poppy demeanor. The production of the record is outstanding, and should almost be seen as a stereo-type for how bubblegum pop should have been produced. All-in-all this is a fun album, good for a few listens at the very least. Song highlights include "From a Parachute," "Dream Street," and "The Shape of Things To Come." If you ever need help putting a smile on your face, this is the album to reach for.

*The last 4 tracks on this are bonuses from the Revola re-release.