Tuesday, May 23

DJ Screw / ESG - 187 Skills

(cover image not available)
DJ Screw: "Einstein"
Screwed Up, 1996 (Screwed & Chopped Hip Hop)

ESG - 187 Skills (9.6 MB)
This is my favorite track from my favorite DJ Screw tape out of the 80 or so that I have. It's one of the best recorded examples of DJ Screw's scratching, not to mention the fact that the song itself is trill az fuck. It's "common knowledge" that DJ Screw died of a heart attack induced by codeine (from the cough syrup that his style is accompanied with), but apparently his autopsy states that methamphetamine was also found in his system. He wasn't a user of this drug, so some believe he was sabatoged by someone close to him.


michelle - mshofet@umail.ucsb.edu said...

oh god! do you happen to have "today was a good day" by dj screw? i have never heard anything so incredible in my life! i'm downloading this track right now, but if you happened to have "today was a good day" and could post it, i would be so grateful i couldn't even articulate it. i've been looking for the track for months after listening to it for three hours on repeat while on an acid trip. please let me know! and if you'd like anything of mine that you don't have, my last fm username is littlewords.

John H. said...

i have a lot of screw tapes, and some are on actual tape. as of this moment, i can't find that song on my computer, but there are some albums on here that aren't tagged, so i will look through them for you, ok! i will also go through my tapes! thanks so much for reading and posting!!!