Wednesday, August 1

Chrome - 1977 - The Visitation

Chrome: "The Visitation"
Siren, 1977
(Experimental Rock/Punk)

Track: "Return To Zanzibar"


Chrome embodies the raw punk aesthetic of the late 70s, although their music was much more adventurous. The band was only together for 6 years, but put out 9 LPs and a slew of EPs and singles. Vocalist and drummer Damon Edge, guitarist John Lambdin, and bassist Garry Spain formed the band in '77, and vocalist/guitarist Helios Creed joined the line-up the following year/album. All of the members played a variety of instruments, ranging from sythesizers to electric violin. This first album is merely a taste of what was to come for Chrome, as their sound would fully develop in the coming albums.
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