Monday, August 6

Conventional Sound Radio, Episode 1

From now on, this will be a weekly item on the Conventional Sound Blog. I will basically host a radio show in the form of a "podcast," which is basically a downloadable version of a radio show. Just one big mp3 with all the songs and chit chat and what not all put together.

40 minutes, 43 seconds .mp3

by John Hinkle

I've poured my heart and soul into this. I've never done anything like it. This has a little bit of everything: ranging from metal, to jazz, to hip hop, and all the way back to 60s pop, with weird and often hilarious(!) sound clips thrown in. You'll love it, I swear. Put it on your iPod, listen to it at work, home, burn it to a CD and listen to it in the car. Make copies and spread it to your friends!

And, as always, your comments are appreciated. I will be out of town for two days, so I will see you Wednesday! Enjoy.

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John Hinkle said...

I am hoping to finish the next podcast by the end of the week!