Friday, June 22

Ramases - 1971 - Space Hymns

Ramases: "Space Hymns"
Vertigo, 1971 (Psych Folk)

DOWNLOAD (100.97 MB)

This is one of those times when I get to call bullshit on They begin their bio of Ramases, "His one and only album for the label," although there is another album that was released on the Vertigo label in 1975.

This is a concept album, bringing the P.O.V. directly from the Egyptian deity. This brings to you a very spacey, dark, and at sometimes abrasive folk rock album. 10cc were his backing band, which fills out this record quite nicely.


bolloxus said...

Oddly you've been posting some of my absolute favorites this past week (Kaleidoscope, These Trails, Music Emporium) and now this one. I love the weird juxtaposition of the backing band's pre-10CC melodicism and competence with the slightly naff songwriting of Ramases himself. "Quasar One" and "Mister" go through my head at least one week a year.

Keep it up.

Ittai said...

This is a great album, thanks for sharing. It is much appreciated :)

Liuzhou Laowai said...

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Justin said...

Thanks for the upload. I've been exploring the psychedelic of the 60's and 70's for the past year and I never would have the joy of experiencing albums like Space Hymns without people like you.


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