Monday, July 2

Ferris Wheel - 1974 - Supernatural Girl

Ferris Wheel: "Supernatural Girl"
(Lo-Fi Psych folk)

Sample Song: "Flowers"


This is an extremely catchy record. The recording is lo-fi, but that only adds to the music. The album is a private pressing from 1974 that was only recently discovered. "Dark and broody electric folk with a weird dreamy atmosphere." Only one known surviving copy of the original vinyl LP. A kind of album that is perfect when you need sad songs on a rainy day.


frankie teardrop said...

i think andrew hipped me to this record last year, and i've always dug these guys. a solid choice!

Jordan said...

Great atmosphere...brooding and melodic

Anonymous said...

Could you reupload the link?!
Maybe with megaupload or rapidshare!
Thanx in advance!

orchards said...

i'd also be eternally grateful if this could be re-uploaded. doesn't seem to be available anywhere else!

orchards said...

found it elsewhere afterall, but really glad i discovered your blog in the process, some great recommendations / reviews here!

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Fiona said...

How can I download this? It's not working. It would definitely be perfect when I'm feeling sad on rainy days as per your description. And I really love the illustration, so adorable. Click here now

Paul Smith said...

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