Friday, July 20

Bill Fay - 1966-1970 - From the Bottom of an Old Grandfather Clock

Bill Fay: "From the Bottom of an Old Grandfather Clock
(A Collection of Demos and Outtakes)
Wooden Hill, 2004 (1966-1970)

Sample Song: "Warwick Town"


By request. For those of you who liked the previous Bill Fay album I posted, you will certainly love this. As far as I know, these are the only other albums of Bill's. Re-issued by the same label (Wooden Hill) as the Complex reissue. If you happen to have any other material by him, I'd appreciate it if you could send it my way so I can share it with everyone.


Ittai said...

Thanks for this. I shall look forward to listening to this :)

Vashti said...

Please repost this - I have bought 2 albums by Bill Fay and would like to hear what these demos are like. Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

Thanks for re-uploads this! I have previous 2 CD's of Bill Fay and now I received updates via e-mail with good surprise for me. Some days ago I don’t download this file – because dead link! Thank you very much indeed! Greetings from Belgrade, Serbia

Anonymous said...

Lovely recording. Thanks so much!

Jordan said...

From the first track I already can tell this will be great. Also looking forward to the Perhacs recording.

Melvillain said...

Thanks. I just found out about him.

Anonymous said...

Immediately update!
What a fucking story?
Searching any blog for Billy Fay and find only dead links!

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Mr. Blackwell said...

Big thanks from Austin, Texas!