Wednesday, July 11

Heron - 1970 - Heron

Heron: "Heron"
Dawn, 1970

Sample Song: "Smiling Ladies"

DOWNLOAD (157.75 MB)

A folk-based band whose music also had a tinge of soul. They remained obscure at the time but the "See For Miles" compilation, which compiles material from their two albums on the Dawn label, suggests that perhaps they deserved better.
Most of their material was self-penned aside from cover versions of Woody Guthrie's Sally Goodin and The Great Dust Storm, and on the whole, their gentle love songs have aged well.

*The last 7 tracks on this album are bonuses that were not included on the original release.

P.S. To you psych lovers, don't fret. I have recently stumbled upon 17 rare psych records that I will be posting to this blog within the next few weeks. Very exciting times!


Anonymous said...

The link to the separate track is non-functional.

M. H. D. said...

Yeah, can we get a re-up of this?

Anonymous said...

This download link is no longer active. Any way you could make it active again? Thanks, this band is awesome!

pay per head service said...

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Anonymous said...

Check out the new fanpage by Heron on facebook:
(apperently they're back together recording just released a new album last year)