Thursday, July 19

Mourning Phase - 1971 - Mourning Phase

Mourning Phase: "Mourning Phase"
Private Pressing, 1971
(Psych Folk)

Sample Song: "August Song"


Dual male/female vocals set this record apart from most of its time. Kissing Spell Records: "The Mourning Phase demo-LP was discovered in 1992 and later sold for a 4-figure sum to a “collector”. It appeared to be a test pressing, dated 1971, with a hand-made cover. Lyrically interesting, the densely layered acoustic/electric music seems merely to serve as a vehicle for the love/hate relationship of, speculatively, the male and female vocalists. Cynical, misanthropic, (with and occasional cello), and a cover based on an impressionist painting. Mourning Phase is surely the archetypal home-made art-student LP."


Anonymous said...

Hey this Mourning Phase is a cool one. I love the male/female vocal mix on it, they sound great together. I dig the arrangements too of the instruments, a classic folk style but stung with some cool electric splashes too. A real cool introspective album.

Thanks for all the cool stuff you post here too, the Michael Hoenig is a favorite and the Growing Concern was a great one as well for me.

Thanks a million
Kent from NOLA

blackcatbone said...

this file has been removed.
could you re-up please?
your blog is amazing!!

D said...

hi dude, absoloutely loving your blog, and all the info. This, along with a couple of mixes on The Real Schitt blog have really got me very excited again about looking for music (I'm a long-time music collector & DJ whose had a bit of lapse in enthusiasm over the last 6 or 9 months). Some excellent LP's and write-ups. Thanks for your efforts!

Any chance you could re-upload MOURNING PHASE LP?

Many thank yous!

David (London)

BIG STANKY said...

re-up!!!!!! thanks in advance, great blog!!!!!

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