Sunday, July 29

Open Mind - 1969 - The Open Mind

Open Mind: "The Open Mind"
Philips, 1969
(Psych rock)

Track: "Can't You See"


Nearly bluesy-sounding at times, this is a very rockin' record. Had this band been around during the British invasion they probably would have been a smash. This is the highlight of my recent finds. "With a singing style rooted in the freakbeat era, rather than the operatic tenor screams hard rock ushered in, and acidic duel guitars, heavier than those of a typical psychedelic act, The Open Mind filled the gap between the beginning of one era and the end of another."


MattyDigs said...

Just wanted to let you know that the link is inactive. Thanks anyway! Great Blog!

elrexo said...

Link doesn't work for me either

ferdw said...

I'd really like to check out this music, but the link is dead.

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